EPISODE 1: Essentials

Most Award Winning Destination for Romance in Asia

The Kingdom of Thailand is no stranger to romance. It is a destination that caters entirely to the senses. From spectacular visuals that include pristine beaches, verdant mountains and lush jungles, to vibrant Thai cuisine, to rich cultural heritage, shopping, wildlife, electric cites and tranquil spas, honeymooners will have their pick of which romantic experience appeals to them.

Thailand has won TWO very prestigious World Travel Awards recently:




In addition to its breathtaking inherent selling points, Thailand’s romance setting is enhanced with a wide array of some of the world’s best hotels, resorts, boutique hotels and spas, offering serenity, elegance and unsurpassed service to complete your couples’ romantic experience.

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It’s no wonder that Thailand has been awarded the Reader’s Choice Award for the Sexiest Romance/Honeymoon Destination in Asia by Recommend. Let your clients come experience firsthand what it is that makes Thailand the perfect place to celebrate lifelong love and romance.

Working with Agents

Thailand is proud of its reputation as one of the world’s best places for romance travel, and is committed to working with you, the travel agent, to educate, inform, and help promote the country as a honeymoon destination.


Thailand offers agents the opportunity to sell complete honeymoon travel, as many of its resorts are experienced in crafting perfect honeymoon moments.

The creativity of Thailand’s hotel teams, and the delight they take in making sure that moments are etched in the minds and hearts of those who experience them, goes truly above and beyond the imagination.


In fact, the Tourism Authority of Thailand has a dedicated page for its business partners, including tour operators and travel agents. Register your agency to receive a slew of benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  • the ability to promote your agency,
  • receive real-time messages and inquiries from potential customers,
  • generate leads,
  • enhance your online presence, and more.

Visit na.tourismthailand.org/operator for more information.

Why Thailand?

Thailand’s hospitality is legendary and the destination itself provides an ideal setting for a memorable honeymoon, not to mention destination weddings. There are countless reasons for choosing Thailand for any vacation, but when it comes to honeymoons the conversation must begin with the Kingdom’s wealth of romantic settings and venues.


Thailand is blessed with so many historical settings, natural wonders and cultural attractions that inspire romance and set the tone for an ultimate honeymoon. The splendor of royal palaces, such as Bangkok’s Grand Palace, home to the famous Emerald Buddha, the exotic appeal of ancient temples, the towering limestone cliffs of the Andaman Sea, the elephant preserves in the north and the spectacular beaches all come immediately to mind.

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Even in and around the capital city, Bangkok provides a wonderful starting point for honeymoon and romantic travel.

Consider Bangkok’s newly restored Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn) for a sunset visit. Here couples can see and photograph this imposing sight as the sun sets behind the city. Built in 1832, Wat Pho is most famous for the gold plated Reclining Buddha that measures 150 feet long and 50 feet high. The eyes and feet are inlaid with mother of pearl.

Suggest that your clients visit the Rose Garden Riverside, recently renamed the Sampran Riverside, just 18 miles outside of Bangkok. The 50-acre botanical park abounds with roses, orchids, jasmine and other beautiful flowers. What says romance more than flowers, and especially orchids and roses?

From Bangkok it is only a short flight to any other destination in Thailand, be it the beaches of the south or mountainous jungles of the north. A honeymoon or romantic getaway that combines town and country is each to achieve in Thailand.

Getting There

Being the entry to the rest of Southeast Asia, Thailand is one of the easiest countries for your clients to access by air. Most of the major US, Asian and other International airline carriers provide convenient flight schedules to Thailand. Since there are no direct flights from North America, a stopover for transfer purposes is required. Your clients have a variety of options for connecting flights from major gateways throughout the United States and Canada.

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Most international visitors will arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok’s international airport (BKK), just 15 miles east of the heart of the city.  Bangkok also has a second international airport, called Don Muang International Airport (DMK), located north of the city; in 2015 Don Muang was designated as the World’s Largest Low Cost Carrier Airport.


There are six (6) other international airports scattered throughout Thailand, including Chiang Mai (CNX) and Chiang Rai (CEI) in the north, and Phuket (HKT), Krabi (KRV), Hat Yai (HDY), Koh Samui (USM) in the south. There are also eight domestic airports, making it easy to move within the country. Thailand’s central location also makes it an ideal hub for exploring the rest of Asia, as well. Several local airlines provide travel schedules that make any destination in Thailand accessible from Bangkok in less than two hours.


So no matter what type of honeymoon your clients are looking for, be it for a sun, sand and sea, mountain adventure, a cultural, shopping and culinary exchange, mountain adventure, a barefoot luxury escape or a combo of them all, Thailand is waiting to make it happen.

When it comes to romance travel, affordability is a major determining factor.

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Getting Around

Thailand is truly at the heart of Southeast Asia, pulsing in the center of the action. With Myanmar to the west, Laos to the north and east, Cambodia to the southeast, Malaysia to the south and the Andaman Sea and Gulf of Thailand on either side, Thailand is the quintessential gateway to this alluring part of the world.

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Its geographical position gives the country a fantastically varied terrain, chock full of white, sandy beaches, lush jungles, mountain vistas and sweeping plains peppered with verdant rice fields.

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There are FIVE (5) distinct regions of Thailand, each different from the others with its own cultural, historical and natural attractions.

The north of Thailand is known for its lofty peaks, replete with wildlife and home to exotic hill tribes, while the central plains, otherwise known as the “Rice Bowl of Asia,” are lush with sprawling rice paddies.

Eastern Thailand, tucked next to Cambodia, has its own string of beaches and islands that are very popular when Bangkok locals look to take their own vacations. Perhaps the best known destinations here are Rayong and Chonburi.

The northeastern plateau stretches to the Mekong River and shares a border with Laos, and the south of Thailand is renowned for some of the most spectacular beaches in the world.


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